Dhamma Drops

Remembering the Buddha’s teachings, one drop at a time.

Buddhists are the world experts in remembering things. We kept our scriptures in memory for hundreds of years!

Each of the Buddhist scriptures begins with by recording the time, the place, and the person. This helps memory by connecting a teaching to a specific set of circumstances. Why not use the same technique today to lock the teachings into memory?

What is a Dhamma Drop?

A 50 minute session for learning and practicing the Dhamma, that is, the teachings on peace and wisdom by the Buddha. By focusing on one short passage at a time, you will carry that memory of that specific teaching.

What makes it special?

Each participant gets a beautiful postcard which has:

Like this!



After hearing the teaching, you meditate, giving the teachings the chance to settle deeper into your mind. Then, at the end of the session, you write down the time, the place, and a person who was present. These details anchor the teachings to a specific event. Then you put down a few words reflecting on what you learned in that session.

Keep the postcard as a message to your future self: remember this!

Take it home, put it on your fridge, or keep it by your bed or your shrine, and remind yourself from time to time: this is what I have learned.

When’s a good time for a Dhamma Drop?

When isn’t, really? You can invite Bhante Sujato for a Dhamma Drop:

Hosting a Dhamma Drop

Dhamma Drops are local and specific, so if you want to host one, make sure you reach out to the people around you. They are specifically designed to be short, so people shouldn’t be travelling a long way.

The main requirements are simple:


There’s no charge for a Dhamma Drop. We’ll collect donations to support the Monastery at the End of the World and SuttaCentral.

If you need to hire a space, we can hopefully cover this from donations.


Train is best. If we keep them at places near to public transport, we’ll come to you, no need to pick up.


If you’re interested, pop us off an email at lokanta.vihara@gmail.com or reach out on Signal (our preferred messaging app).