Photo of two monks, Bhante Sujato and Bhante Akaliko, at the Lokanta Vihara.

Bhante Sujato and Bhante Akāliko live at Lokanta Vihara, the “Monastery at the End of the World”. The vihara is loacted on the lands of the traditional owners, the Burramattagal people of the Darug nation, in Harris Park, Sydney. We pay our respects to Darug elders past, present, and emerging. At Lokanta Vihara, we explore what it means to follow the Buddha’s teachings in an era of climate change, globalised consumerism, and political turmoil.

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Regular Friday Night Teachings Now In Person and Online

Poster with galaxy in background and text reading monks in cyberspace friday nights 7pm.

Monks in Cyberspace and Harris Park!


Now you can attend our Friday night sessions either in person or online.


To join in person, you must register as places are limited due to covid restrictions

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To join online use the link below. Session Link

Chant along using our 717 Chanting Book.

Times are in Australian Eastern Standard time, AEST UTC+10. Use the time converter to to access your time zone.

Missed a Talk?

Our friend Nellie has been recording our Monks in Cyberspace sessions, so you can catch up on her Berrywood site.

Upcoming Events

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Real Cool; What Nibbana is—and isn't

An online talk for the Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Malaysia

Date: Sunday 18th July, 18:00–19:30 AEST (UTC+10)

Location: Attend via zoom

Meeting ID: 858 8596 7360

Passcode: BGF01

Zoom Link
Photo of old red faded copy of Jayatilleke's book with authors name and the title Early Buddhist theory of knowlegde

Jayatilleke's Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge: a 5 week course with Bhante Sujato

Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge (EBTOK) is a seminal book of Buddhist philosophy by the eminent scholar K.N. Jayatilleke. A student of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Jayatilleke applied a rigorous analytical style to examine the early Buddhist approach to one of the central problems of philosophy: how we know what we know. Join Bhante Sujato for this in-depth 5 week course every Saturday afternoon in July at the Buddhist Library.

Please note that the original dates for this course have now been pushed back because of covid restrictions and lockdown. Check with the Buddhist Library for the new dates using the registration link below.


Participants should aim to attend all sessions and read the course content, a PDF version of the book can be downloaded here.

Location: Buddhist Library, 90-92 Church St, Camperdown NSW 2050

Register Here

Sutta Reading for Poets and Engineers: a 4 week online course with Bhante Sujato for the Barre Centre

Let’s read a few small and quirky Suttas together. Best not to start reading Suttas by grappling with massive ideological tomes. How about a witty exchange of verses—a rap battle if you will—or an unexpected encounter with a mysterious stranger? By training on small things, we learn the skills for bigger ones. In this course we will read together a lesser-known Sutta each session, exploring the four approaches. Exercising our reading skills in this way trains us to recognize the value of different approaches to the Suttas, without being trapped in any one of them.


Australia: AEST (UTC+10) Monday mornings 08:30–10:30, 19th and 26th July, 2nd and 9th August

USA: EDT (UTC-4) Sunday evenings 18:30–20:30 18th and 25th July, 1st and 8th August

Registration is essential. Please check the time of the group meetings in your timezone here, and please note that sessions will not be recorded.

Register Here

Lokanta Vihara Calendar of Events

See the calendar for detailed events listing. The monks teach regularly at various venues around Sydney.

Calendar of Events

Who are we?

Bhantes Sujato and Akāliko are Australian Buddhist monks, ordained in the Thai lineage of Theravada Buddhism.

At the Monastery at the End of the World we try to be simple, frugal, and content. The little we have is second-hand where possible; either donated or rescued from cast-offs. We rely on the kindness of others, going on alms-round (piṇḍapāta) in our local community for our only meal of the day.

The monks offer an ongoing series of talks and events that will challenge and inspire you to think in new ways about your Dhamma practice.

Contact Lokanta Vihara:

Almsround and House Dana Invitations

Photo of Bhante Sujato and Bhante Akaliko on almsround in Harris Park.


On weekdays, the monks go walking for alms-food in the local area (piṇḍapāta). Come along and put some food in the monks’ bowls.

Monday to Fridays only. Meet on the corner of Wigram and Marion streets, Harris Park, outside the Post Office around 11:00am.

Almsround is a tradition that dates back to the time of the Buddha.Piṇḍapāta is not begging. The monks simply walk or stand silently and receive what is offered. It helps to develop contentedness and humility in the monks, and generosity and service for the people offering. Any extra food is shared with the local Community Center on Albion Street, where it is distributed to local people who cannot feed themselves and their family.

House Dana Invitations

On weekends, the sangha are happy to accept invitations from our lay community who wish to offer a meal at their homes. For more information, please contact Please note that the roster is often booked far in adavance.

Supporting Lokanta Vihara

The monastery and the work of the monks is supported by an informal network of Dhamma friends. You can support Lokanta Vihara by offering to help with rent and utilities by contacting Deepika Weerakoon, The monks do not accept any money directly.