Photo of Bhante Sujato.

Bhante Sujato lives at Lokanta Vihara, the “Monastery at the End of the World”. The vihara is located on the lands of the traditional owners, the Burramattagal people of the Darug nation, in Harris Park, Sydney. We pay our respects to Darug elders past, present, and emerging.

Bhante Sujato is a senior teaching monk in Australia and the region. He is currently focussing on leading the team for SuttaCentral, a website for early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels.

At the Monastery at the End of the World we try to be simple, frugal, and content. The little we have is second-hand where possible; either donated or rescued from cast-offs. We rely on the kindness of others, going on alms-round (piṇḍapāta) in our local community for our only meal of the day.

Wednesday nights: guided meditation & talk

Teachings and practice from Bhante Sujato, Ayya Karunika and others in the heart of the north shore.

Humans only, no machines. This event is not on the internet!

Location: Crows Nest Centre, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest
Time: every Wednesday

Friday Nights: Monks in Space

Poster with galaxy in background and text reading monks in space friday 7pm AEST.

Join Bhante Sujato for a regular Friday night session of meditation and teaching. This is a hybrid event. Join us in person or online.

Location: Harris Park Community Centre, 11 Albion St, Harris Park
Time: AEST (UTC+10) every Friday

Join online using the link below. We use Jitsi, which is pretty much like Zoom. Join from a browser without installing anything, or if you like, install the app.

Session Link

Chant along using our 717 Chanting Book.

Times are in Australian Eastern Daylight time, AEDT UTC+11. Use the time converter to to access your time zone.

Missed a talk? Our friend Michael has been recording our Monks in Space sessions: Lokanta Live.

SuttaCentral Translations For Pirivenas

SuttaCentral, in conjunction with the Amarapura–Rāmañña and Siam Nikāyas, and the Privena Education Unit, is pleased to launch the printing of English translations of the Suttas and Vinaya and their distribution through monastic education centers (Pirivena) of Sri Lanka.

Support this project

Almsround and House Dana Invitations

Mon–Fri11am, cnr. Wigram + Marion St., Harris Park
Sat/SunNo set almsround
Monday May 12No almsround

On weekdays, Bhante Sujato walks for alms-food in the local area (piṇḍapāta). Come along and put some food in the bowl!

Monday to Fridays only. Corner of Wigram and Marion streets, Harris Park, outside the Post Office around 11:00am.

Almsround is a tradition that dates back to the time of the Buddha. Piṇḍapāta is not begging. The monks simply walk or stand silently and receive what is offered.

Almsround FAQ

What should I offer?
In Thailand they say, “Offer whatever you want to eat in heaven”! All offerings are accepted with gratitude.
Is there anything I should not offer?
Thanks for asking. There is one thing: money! 💰 We just accept food for the daily meal.
Do I have to bring a full meal?
Nope. Usually there are several people offering, so any small amount is appreciated.
But I can’t cook!
We’re in Little India, so there are plenty of restaraunts and shops where you can buy food locally.
Are the monks vegetarian?
Yes, we are. 🥕 🍍 🥦 🍚
Any allergies?
Not really, but chocolate gives Bhante Sujato a migraine. 😢
What happens if there’s too much?
We share extra food with our local community center. Harris Park has many low-income earners, so there are, sadly, always people who don’t have enough to eat.

House Dana

On weekends, the sangha are happy to accept invitations from our lay community who wish to offer a meal at their homes. For more information, contact Please note that the roster may be booked in adavance.


The monastery and the work of bhante is supported by an informal network of Dhamma friends. You can support Lokanta Vihara by offering to help with rent and utilities by contacting Deepika Weerakoon, The monks do not accept any money directly.

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