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The regular Friday night talks are recorded and available here.

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Bhante Sujato

Bhante Sujato’s Youtube

Here you’ll find longer discussions on issues mostly related to climate change.

Long talks by Bhante Sujato

Dhammanet Youtube Channel

Many of Bhante Sujato’s older and recent talks can be found on the Dhammanet youtube channel.

Life Hacks for the End of the World: 4-part Online Series with Bhante Sujato

The world that we know is rapidly changing. The icesheets have passed a critical point of melting, the sea level will rise and with that large numbers of people will be displaced. Wildfires have shown us the destruction that global heating can cause and many places in the world are running out of drinking water. This is just the beginning of what awaits us. So how do we as Buddhists deal with these challenges and how can we help others through the difficult times that are still to come?

Watch the entire series here:

Dependent Origination in Early Buddhism: 5 Day Course by Bhante Sujato and Ajahn Brahmali

A detailed analysis of dependent orgination as found in the suttas by two of the world’s leading experts. View the entire playlist here:

The Visuddhimagga for Sutta Lovers; a 3 Part series by Bhante Sujato

Bhante discusses Ven Buddhaghosa’s famous text, analysisng the 3 divisions of sila, samadhi, and panna, as seen throuigh the eyes of a sutta lover.

Life of Pleasure (Jhana)

A talk from 2013 where Bhante talks about the importance of pleasure in meditation.